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Gearbox Repairing

Worm Gear Box
Planetory Gear Box
Cyclo Gear Box
Extruder Gear Box
Heavy Duty Planetory Gear Box
Reduction Gear Box
Twins Screw Gear Box
Mixer Gear Box
Reduction Gear Box
Extruder Gear Box
Twins Screw Gear Box
We are Specialist in repair & rebuild of all types of Industrial Gear-Boxes
  •  Gears & Gear Boxes Manufacturing, Repairing & servicing​
  • Gear cutting facility up to 1.5 meter diameter
  • Heavy Industrial gear & gearboxes repairing facility​
  • Spur gears, Helical gears, spiral bevel gears, pinion spur or Helical gears, rack gears, industrial gears etc​
  • Gear box refurbishment (Repairing or servicing)​
  • Industrial gearbox repair of any type of brand​
  • Full gear box parts rebuild option available​
  • Worm and wheel gear box repair​
  • Spiral crown pinion or spiral Helical Gearbox repair​
  • Spur & Helical gearbox repair​
  • Twins screw gear box repair​
  • Planetary gearbox repair​
  • Spline shaft ( External or Internal) new and repair​
  • We provide gear cutting & manufacturing for spur gear, Helical gear, spiral Bevel gear, worm & worm shaft with gear box Repairing, servicing & fittings​

What We Do?

  • We will change your gearbox gears design that can help to improve the load carrying capability of your existing gearboxes.
  • Any kind of gear box works from simple replacement of bearing to the replacement of gears with excellent quality to be done in our work shop.
  • Full asset management services, which looks after your gearbox.
  • We are capable of taking the most difficult challenging heavy duty gearboxes.
  • Repairs and servicing of any type of gearbox is second nature to us at helicon engineering works, and have proven our quality with the end product.
  • Our extensive experience ensures that we understand our customers.
  • We also know that Reconditioning presents a prime opportunity to upgrade the gear boxes to improve performance and reliability. If you know what you want, we know how to get it done.
  • Rebuilt thousands of gear boxes.
  • Utilizes the Latest bearing and gearing technologies.
  • Rapid & Reliable service.
  • A complete service is available in the handling disassembling and repairing or servicing & Repainting of your gearbox whether its 10 to 10000 kg or more.
  • Special attention is provided for emergency beak down repairs that may be required to your equipments back in operation as quickly as possible.